Who Blocked me on Facebook Who blocked me on Facebook

Finding out who blocked you on Facebook can be hard and tricky, since Facebook tries to be as discrete as possible in this matter. however, we have a few tricks up our sleeve, and with below instructions we will try to help you to find out who is trying to get rid of you on Facebook.

1. Search Results
Search for the person you think who is blocking you on your profile page, if you can't find him, this does not automatically mean you have been blocked by this specific person on Facebook, he can also just have adjusted his security settings to be hidden from searches.
however, you can compare this result to the Facebook Public Search results page. Do do so, log-out from your facebook account and use above link to search through the public facebook library. If you can find this person there, you have probably been blocked on facebook.
2. Wall Posts
Did this person ever post on your Wall? if so, try to find that post back, it will not have been deleted from your profile, however, the picture of the person who might have blocked you will now be replaced by a question mark. In this case, you have probably been blocked from Facebook!
3. Mutual Friends

the person you suspect of blocking you might have some mutual friends, former colleagues, classmates or whatever in common, all you need to do is going to the friends list of your common friend and search for the suspected blocker there (you can use the search function on this page for this. In case the person searched for is not visible on this list, you have been blocked on Facebook by this person. An extra confirmation of this can be found when your common friend has his friends list set to public, log-out from your facebook account and check the list again. If the person is visible now, this is a confirmation of you being blocked.

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