Who Blocked me on Facebook Messenger Who blocked me on Facebook

Facebook Messenger is the immense popular chat and message application of social media giant facebook, this webpage can help you to find out who has blocked you on this social network mesesenger application. Note that you might be blocked from sending messages through Facebook Messenger but this does not automatically indicate that you are blocked from posting messages on the facebook wall of the user.

1. New Users
If you want to know if you are blocked by any messenger user which you didn't have contact with before, just try to search them through both the facebook messenger and facebook search, if you are not able to find them back at all, but you are able to find them through for example a second account, you can be sure you are being blocked on both platforms.
2. Message Errors
if you had conversations with this person before in the past, you can find out if you are being blocked from Facebook messenger by sending a message to the person in question. If you receive the “Message Not Sent This person isn’t receiving messages from you right now.” error, you know you are being blocked, this message is not an error message of the facebook messenger application, it just means this person has blocked you on Facebook messenger. The message you try to sent will also show a red circle with question mark next to it indicating that there is a problem connecting to facebook messenger.
3. Missing Messenger Badge

another way to find out if you were blocked on Facebook Messenger is through the Facebook Messenger Badge under the users profile in Facebook. if you are blocked, you will not see the Facebook Messenger icon anymore under his profile, instead you will find a grey facebook logo. Note that, if the users has never activated the messenger application on his/her mobile phone before, the Facebook Messenger badge will not show up either.

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