Who Blocked Me on QQ Who Blocked me on QQ
Need help in finding out who has blocked you on Tencent QQ, the popular Chinese messenger also available in English, French and Japanese
1. My QQ Center.
* in the QQ Messenger application go to the menu option (should be displayed in the left corner of your screen).
* Select the "help" menu.
* now select the "My QQ Center" when clicking on Help
* select the "friends" option and select "One Way Friend" to find out if you are being blocked or not by the user on QQ Chat.
2 Sending a QQ Message.
By sending a personal message to the user through QQ Chat you might have the easiest way in your hands to find out if you are blocked or not. After having sent, and in case you are being blocked on QQ you will receive a "your friend needs a verification and try to send a friend request".
3. Special Concern.
The Special Concern option is a method available in QQ messenger to find out if you are being blocked or not, no similar option exists in other social media networks. To use the option, search for the user in your QQ Friends list, now hover with your cursor over the friends picture / icon. A heart icon should now appear next to the nickname of this user, if you click on this heart you will see your friendship status with this user, in case you are being blocked on QQ by this user, you will get a "set to care fails" error message. This means that you have been deleted by the user on his personal QQ List.
4. Friend Impression.
An easy way to find out if you are being blocked on QQ by your friend is by going to your friends information tab in your QQ list, and select the "Friend Impression" option. immediately after doing this you will get the message "The network is busy. Please try again" this indicates you are being blocked on the QQ network by this user.
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