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Find out who has blocked you on the Twitter micro blogging website with below instructions.

1. The Mutual Friends

Mutual friends can be a good way to find out if you are being blocked on Twitter, Go and open the profile of a mutual friend, then go to his friends list (this works for either the following or followed by list), and go and search for the person you suspect to be blocking you. If you were able to find the person you expect to have blocked you (remember, even private profiles will still be visible through this list), you can check if there is any "follow" button available. if you click this button, you should get immediately a warning that you were blocked and that you are unable to follow this account.


2. Direct URL
If you know the exact username of the user you suspect to be blocking you on twitter, you can try to access the URL twitter.com/username , in case you are blocked you will see an immediate warning message.