Who Blocked me on Tik Tok Who blocked me on Tik Tok

Tik Tok, the chinese Music Social Video network from China, also known as Douyin, this webpage will help you to find out on who has blocked you on the Tik Tok soial network.

1. The Follow List
Your followers list can help you to find out on who has blocked you on the Tik Tok network, to do this, open the Tik Tok social media application, press on the "following" link, you will now see your followers list, if the person you suspected to be blocking you, is not visible in this list anymore, you have been blocked.
2. The Comments
Another way to find out if you are blocked in Tik Tok, is by going to the notifications area of the application, if you ever made a comment on this users video try to click it, if the video underneath is not accessible anymore, you have been blocked on the Tik Tok Video Social Network by this user.
3. No Videos Available
Open the Tik Tok application and press the magnifiying glass to look up some users.
Search for the user you suspect to be blocking you, click his profile to access it. If you can't see a biography or videos, this can probably mean you were being blocked. Offcourse this might also just mean the profile is new and doesn't have a bio or videos yet, if you were pretty sure this was the case in the past, you have probably been blocked from the Tik Tok social video network.