Who Blocked me on Youtube Who blocked me on Youtube

in Youtube, like any other Social Media Network, users have the possibility to block you. As a user its not always easy to find out if you are being blocked or not by a user, with below instructions, we will try to help you in finding out if you have been blocked on Youtube or Not.

1. the Comments
One of the ways in finding out if you have been blocked by a user or not is by checking out if you have the possibility to place comments on one of his videos or not. To do this, search for one of the videos of the user on which some comments were placed by other users. If you are able to see comments, but you are not able to post any comments yourself, you will most likely have been blocked.
2. Send Personal Message
in YouTube it is possible to send messages to another user, this option is not used very frequently but is a perfect way in finding out if you are blocked by a user or not. if the option for sending messages is not visible under the "about" tab you might have been blocked. However notice that some users also disable the messaging function by default for all users, so this option might not be a guarantee you are blocked on youtube.
Note: the messaging icon in youtube appears next to the "report user" flag icon.


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